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Global Test Market. Many surveys a day. Points convert to cash!
Free to Join ! Opinion Outpost
Free to join . American Consumer Opinion Panel
Every link on this website is completely free to join. All they ask you is "where do I send the check" or some ask for your paypal address. Of course they will need your name to make the check out! That way you can get paid in 2 ways.

With the worsening economy, it seems that there are many more people unemployed. Here in Florida it is almost 10%. I'm sure it is almost as bad everywhere else. There are ways to make money on the net, but you have to be careful.

There are many sites out there that will ask you for money to join. This is not one of them. My site is a growing list of survey sites that will actually pay you for your opinion. You won't get rich from doing them , but it sure will help pay a few bills a month. I have been doing surveys online for about 2 years now. I average about $350 a month and it's growing.  So if you are the kind of person that wants to share your opinion about product, services, and sometimes you can even get a free trial ( you usually get to keep the product. No credit cards required ) then please go and sign up for as many of these free survey sites that you wish. The more you sign up for = the more you will make. I will be updating this site with more survey sites that actually pay as soon as I can.

Reminder :  They will never ask for money. All they want is your opinion, and they will pay you for it too! Please don't forget to refer your friends to do the same. They will pay you for that also.. Some sites will actually pay you for  the surveys that you friends do also. Others will pay you just for someone that you get to sign up. This is actually a very small part of a thing called affiliate marketing. So go on and make the most that you can.

If anyone has any questions about these sites please feel free to e-mail me here

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Free to join and they pay fast. Usually 2-3 days

Links are below !

Say Nation pays by paypal or gift cards and merchandise

Palm Research. It's a fairly new site. They give out 2 surveys a day. Cash out at $10.

Mindfield surveys. Pays via check in the postal mail. Pays quick too !

Survey Savvy      Pays by check via postal mail .

Opinion Outpost . Another of the top paying sites.  Pays by check via postal mail.

Toluna formally Your Two Cents. Seems to take a while to pay, but you do get paid. Current cash out at $20

focusline surveys   You get $5 just to sign up. Go to thier website to do the surveys. Usually have a couple a day.  Pays by Paypal. Minimum of $25 USD.

daily survey panel .   Pays by Paypal or Gift cards. The choice is yours. I get at least 4 surveys a day.

e-poll surveys    Pays by Gift Cards to such places like Blockbuster,, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, Itunes and many more.

Survey Spot    Pays by check via postal mail. They send out many a day. They are switching over to paypal payments soon.

Tech Say   This one is for the IT professional. They don't send out very many surveys but they pay well. The minimum amount each survey is worth is $10.

HCD SURVEYS Pays CASH  Pays by check via postal mail.

American Consumer Opinion Panel. Quick payouts.  Pays by check via postal mail.

Synovate is great site to belong to.

Ipsos survey panel. Try this one out. It is great! Use the banner at the top of the page on the left.

Saynation. Pays by giving you points that you can use for gift cards or other merchandise.

Try ROBOFORM. It's a free great tool to help you out with the many surveys you will get.


 I update this site every time I find out something that works. If you are looking for a free survey site list, well then you have come to the right place. The banners on the left are all good ones.

If you are interested in getting into affiliate marketing, then please click on that link on the top of the page.

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